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Canada Heights 16/07/2016

Canada Heights this Sunday PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS Camping from 3pm Booking in and scrutineering will open at 6,30pm Saturday, it will reopen at 7am Sunday morning and will close at 8.45 sharp,we will not wait for you to turn up, practice will start at 9am, […]

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Canada Heights 16/07/2017

Booking in for Canada Heights opens Monday 3rd July at 7pm for members only, GMX 2 and 3 members that have done the championship so far will get priority for the first 2 days other members can book in from 7pm Wednesday and not before (I will […]

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SEYMX 1-2/07/2017

Really sorry all but this weekends SEYMX Youth Championship has been canceled, it would be interesting to hear from the riders/parents if this is worth doing in the future or not, this was developed to find the best acu rider in each youth class, the adults have […]

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Iden 25/6/2017

Non members can book in tonight at 7pm for Iden 25/6/2017

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