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Ringmer 2 Day 26-27/08/2018

Booking in will open for members only Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 7pm Non members can book in from Monday 20th August 7pm and not before

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Staplecross 29/07/2018

After doing a track inspection at Staplecross we as a committee have taken the decision to not run the meeting there on the 29/7 due to how dry it is and the lack of water available. The next meeting will be at Canada Heights on the 5/8 […]

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Iden 8/7/2018

Booking in for Iden opens tonight at 7pm for members only, non members can book in from 7pm Monday 2nd July and not before,booking in will close at 9pm Friday 2nd July, sorry it’s late opening i forgot to do the permit

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Ringmer 24/06/2018

Round 4 Ringmer Booking in for members only will open tonight 11/06/2018 at 7pm for members only Non members can book in from 18/06/2018 at 7pm and not before This will be the last time you will ride Ringmer the way it is now, after this meeting […]

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