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West Meon 15/04/2018

Really sorry all, we’ve just had the landowner from West Meon on the phone and the track is too wet even to get his tractor in to start track prep, it is with regret that this meeting is now cancelled, before anyone asks, no it won’t be at any of our other tracks as they to are far too wet and it’s nothing to do with the marshaling, I’ll get all refunds sorted with the ACU tonight and tomorrow night
As for the marshal situation thanks to everyone that did what the could to help, you all know who you are
It might be worth having a little think of trying to help us out at Milton Malsor as we could have the same problem or we just stick to local tracks, it’s your choice
Again we’re sorry but we’ve done all we could to get this meeting running but the weather has been against us, you can all start the sun dance for a bit of sunshine over the next couple of weeks and we’ll see you all at Staplecross on the 6th of May

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