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So here we are at the start of our 2013 season, and what a wet and cold start we have!

Although we will try our up most to keep this from making any changes to the meetings that we have planned this year. There are new tracks that we are pursuing this season, so make sure you come along :) 

I would like to a big thank you  to you all for your commitment in 2012 and also for joining us again this year, we are  looking forward to seeing all of you around the paddocks and on the start lines this season. And we hope that you all had a good Christmas!!

 Also this season Midsussex have joined us in becoming ACU affiliated, and we will be trying to run along side them for 2013.

We are hoping that you could all join us in doing the SUN dance too! To brighten up and dry up the rain and snow we have received over the last few weeks :)

 All the best, Leeanne J


 BSMA LICENCE- All ACU clubs can now accept BSMA licences. HOWEVER, this ONLY APPLIES TO YOUTH RIDERS. Unfortunately adult riders hoping to ride using a BSMA licence will have to purchase a day licence or yearly ACU licence.

STOLEN BIKES- RECORD YOUR CHASSIS & ENGINE NUMBERS!- It has been brought to our attention that a recent bike theft has led to some difficulties with an insurance claim due to the owner not having record of his chassis & engine numbers. Whether you’re insured or not- record your numbers & keep them safe.

CHANGE OF CHAMPIONSHIP REGS.- As mentioned above in the chairman’s report, Mid-Sussex MXC have changed affiliation to join us with the ACU. This is good news for a few reasons. One thing this means is that local ACU clubs should not clash dates if at all possible and our dates & MSXC dates mostly run on different weekends. There are two that clash, therefore it has been discussed & voted on by the committee that THE DROPPING OF ONE ROUND OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP is to be implemented this year. The round deducted will be your lowest score of the year- doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘no-score’, if you are on holiday, injured or anything Else.

FACEBOOK- GEST Hastings MCC Facebook page receives many views & is a vital tool for communication with club members. Unfortunately some think it’s acceptable to use the page to ’let off some steam’ shall we say towards the club/committee. The page is now ‘Guarded ‘& any posts will be presented to the admins & require approval by them before they will be posted to the wall. Positive comments are welcome & of course constructive criticism is always appreciated- so long as it is relevant & with a view to improving things. ‘Senseless’ comments & childish digs & abuse will be deleted before they get to the wall without any reason being given or discussion.

PERPETUAL TROPHIES. The Ricky Goldsmith Memorial Trophy is MISSING! It was awarded at the Park Resorts Camber Sands in December 2011 to the ‘Youth Riders,  Rider of the year’. The problem is, no one knows WHO THE RECIPIENT WAS! Anyone with information please ring Oscar on 01424 437 430.  Many thanks.

INSURANCE (PUBLIC LIABILITY) ACU Insurance makes no provision for personal accident cover. If you suffer an injury & have to take time off work you will receive the sum of £000.000 from the ACU insurance. It is recommended that you take out a personal accident insurance policy which will pay you in the event of an injury & time off work. This can be obtained various special insurers such as Locktons Motor sports- 0161 828 3300.

WHY GEST & ACU- We welcome MSMXC & its members to the ACU. We have already spoken to the committee with a view to greater cooperation. It is understood that a major reason they have switched to the ACU is having access to a National series & the TEAM EVENT.

I am sure not everyone knows that the only route to becoming World Champion is through the ACU & the FIM. It is nice to know that progression to the top of the sport is by attaining Expert Adult ACU status and seeding through the Maxxis British Championship. A similar system exists in the youth ranks.  Other organisations such as BSMA, YMSA, AMCA & MCF provide a good grounding to motocross but the journey to being a World Champion is with the ACU.

Tommy Searle started with GEST at 6 years of age & hopefully his ambition to be world champion will be achieved in 2013.  With GEST, MSMXC & BSMA YOUTH Licences all recognised for 2013 it will make things easier for visits to other clubs. Pity EKSSC have moved on to the MCF- Imagine if your licence applied there too..

Don’t forget to view & use the NEW CLUB WEBSITE: www.gestmx.co.uk

For easy booking in, club updates & more! See you at the races..

Now crack on & renew your MEMBERSHIP!


PRESIDENT/TREASURER;                           Oscar Horton                 01424 437430                                                                                                 

CHAIRMAN/CHIEF SCORER:                       Leeanne Johnson        07794 243720

CLUB SECRETARY:                                       Gemma Kneller

VICE CHAIR:                                                     Tony Kneller

SOCIAL SECRETARY:                                    Daniel Selmes                07805 666738

BOOKING IN/RACE DAY SECRETARY;      Wendy Bennett               07936 412546

MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY:                        Rebecca Horton             01424 437430                         

ADMIN AND ASSISTANT TREASURER      Rebecca Horton        

OVERALL POINTS / SCORING                     Kara-Leigh Johnson      07872 17663

COMBINE REP:                                                Nick Shaw                        07595 546865

WEBMASTER:                                                  Micheal Byrne                 07919512608                                                               

C OF C/TECHNICAL:                                      Steve Lawrence                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

CHIEF MARSHAL:                                           Debbie Rye                      07794 243720

TRACK ORGANISER/COC;                           Bill Oatridge                      07502 409678

TRACK CREW;                                                Tony Kneller                                 

                                                                            Jason Thorpe             

CHIEF SCRUTINEER:                                    Steve Lawrence                                                                                                       

SIGN ORGANISER;                                        Mitchel Evans                                                                                     

SIGNING ON/ ON DAY DUTIES:                  Rob Spill


CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER;                  Wendy Bennett

INCIDENT OFFICER;                                      Wendy Bennett



Rebecca Horton

11 Greville Road



East Sussex

TN35 5AL

01424 437430





07936 412546

Make a note of our new Website address WWW.GESTMX.CO.UK Still being tweaked for the 2013 season but will include new easier online booking in plus will be kept more regularly updated!