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So far this year we’ve had far more successes than failures. Rider numbers have picked up, organisation has been good and general feel around the paddocks is positive. As we fast approach  our Flagship event- the infamous GEST 2-dayer, the committee are busy putting everything in place for yet another cracker of a meeting. One thing I personally ask from you the riders- please please please get your entry forms filled out and sent back asap- this makes the committees job a lot easier and planning of the event will be better. We want to avoid the last minute rush that some riders cause by booking in late (or even NOT AT ALL), and we hope to get things organised as best we can. One thing I promise is that those LATE ENTRIES will be the first riders on the MARSHAL LIST! So do it please, quick as you can. Before then, we have the small matter of a track revamp at Staplecross. Things are being finalised as we speak, and next time we arrive at Staplecross I hope that it will be a largely new track for you to enjoy. We have also gained the use of a nice new shiney Powerharrow to perfect it’s prep, so fingers crossed it all comes together and we will have a great time next weekend.

 All the best, Leeanne J



It’s unfortunate that every now & then we have to have a little moan! The age old problem of riding in the paddock is unfortunately on the increase again. We know it’s hot. We know you’re tired. That’s a poor excuse though when we have to explain to a parent that their child has been injured, Granny knocked over or camper van dented! C’mon Members- we all know what could happen if you lose control whilst riding in an area where you should be pushing your bike. Children, tired riders & weary committee officials all wander round our paddocks- let’s keep the paddock a safe place to wander! NOW FOR THE FORCEFUL BIT……

The next meeting at Staplecross, we intend to make an example out of the first person caught riding in the paddock! Said person WILL be, without any compromise SENT HOME. Setting a precedent for anybody else who cares to ride in the paddock. Got that? Good. We hope nobody will require sending home. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


2-day entries- Get yours done now!

GEST’s flagship event the Annual 2-dayer is fast approaching. This year again we will be at Sellindge Nr. Ashford, Kent. The regs & entry form are enclosed in this newsletter & you will soon be able to download it from the club website. Please aid the committee in a well organized event by getting your entry forms completed and sent back as soon as you can.


Event cancelled. Reason- With all this nice weather the ponds are drying up! We have enough water at Staplecross to sustain the next championship rounds at the venue, but beyond that the water supply will become short. We decided that the Championship round/s are far more important than the evening meeting, and therefore cancelling of the event is the wisest move. We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment.


The new revamped track at Iden seems to be universally liked. Long time coming but well worth it we hope. A shame we lost the last block at Iden on the 14th, but safety first so we had to call it a day. We weren’t the only club to suffer the same fate though. It appeared even you riders had had enough in that intense heat!

Plans for the Annual Dinner Dance & Presentation are underway, early signs suggesting another great evening will be spent at the Azur venue, Hastings. Nothing finalized yet, we’ll keep you posted.

Equipment- A new powerharrow has become available to us. We intend to utilize it and prep our tracks better than ever! First time using it will be next meeting at Staplecross.

Booking In- Those sharp amongst you will have noticed that Ian Tiltman has taken over the role of booking in secretary. As usual the easiest way of booking in is online, but for those of you who have to telephone, you’ll be hearing Ian’s sweet voice from now on instead of Wendy’s!

Who to contact?? We’ve had a couple of instances where parents/riders have needed to discuss a matter with the Clerk of the course during a race. We need to point out that Although Leeanne is the Chairperson, on race day she undertakes the job of lapscorer.Whilst doing this job she needs to keep full concentration and must not be interrupted (what if she messed up your race results??) So if you do need to speak to someone in Charge during a race, please go to ANY COMMITTEE MEMBER EXCEPT SOMEONE LAPSCORING and we will make radio contact with the C.O.C. Dan, in the MXP spares van will have a radio & will be able to converse with anyone you need to speak to.        

Don’t forget to view & use the NEW CLUB WEBSITE: www.gestmx.co.uk

For easy booking in, club updates & more! See you at the races..

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